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History of Senyor Parellada

The Senyor Parellada, is today an inn in El Born, the trendiest neighborhood in the old town of Barcelona (Ciutat Vella), at other times the seaside neighborhood of Barcelona.

150 years ago, the building where the restaurant and the hotel are settle was a large house near the dock, and very close to the Estación de Francia, where lodging, covered, bathrooms and passages for the vapors of the Americas were offered.

The Senyor Parellada dinning room still retains that flavor, an atmosphere of those travelers mixed with the vapors of a cuisine made of casseroles and roasts, and escudelles cannelloni, lamb, cod dishes, and especially rice, very popular in the Catalan cuisine as the paella Parellada.

Restaurant Senyor Parellada
Historia del Restaurante Senyor Parellada